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ProPatch™, the next-generation monitor for
combat medics and first responders

Introducing ProPatch™, your new pocket-sized patient monitor

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ProPatch with electrode

Compact and portable patient monitor

ProPatch Connect

ProPatch™ Connect
Available on the Apple App Store

Built for service in the U.S. Military
Integrated with the U.S. Air Force Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit, BATDOK®

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Monitor multiple patients with ProPatch™
Track all vitals in one place, ideal for mass casualty scenarios


Patient monitoring made easy
Lightweight, portable, no wires or cables


Quickly attach to patients using our rugged adhesive
ProPatch is applied over the heart, one of the most sensor-rich locations on the body


Assess the patient


Perform skin prep if necessary


Attach ProPatch™

Machine learning models help to identify when a patient is stable,


...and when they require immediate intervention

Research-Friendly Workflow

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Raw data is stored in a comma-separated value (CSV) log file

Log files are synchronized to your iCloud

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Process the data in your environment of choice
MATLAB and Python scripts are available

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